Konkurencyjność gospodarek Polski i Ukrainy

  1. Julianna Szczerbak


Competitiveness of Polish and Ukrainian Economy

Presented Institutional Ukrainian and Polish influence the economic prosperity of countries and their international competitiveness. Reflections on this issue were presented by analyzing data taken from the World Bank. Socio-economic issue becomes interesting for a growing number of countries wishing to improve their economic results in the global economy. Ukraine and Poland are countries which have undergone transformation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. State participation in the economy was needed until the end of the transition process, although state intervention in the economy was unfavorable and undesirable Poland and Ukraine are behind the difficult road of reform of its independent economy. These countries have the potential to utilize foreign investors. Countries from outside investors make changes in both economies. These changes present an annual ranking of the World Bank – GCI creates set of factors that play a fundamental role in boosting productivity and competitiveness of the country.

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Studenckie Prace Prawnicze, Administratywistyczne i Ekonomiczne

8, 2010

Pages from 63 to 70

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